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Enercorp is the Professional Sales and Marketing firm for Division 7 systems (Thermal and Moisture Protection) and Division 9 (Finishes) products and systems, with offices across Canada. 

We provide services relating to the design and installation of premium building materials and systems produced by the industry’s leading manufacturers for use in the construction of the total building envelope and we provide comprehensive design assistance and review for owners, architects, and consultants before the tendering process begins. 


We provide a range of services for the companies we represent that include representation at the owner, architectural, consultant, distribution and contractor level. 


Marketing support, product development, technical support and assistance in design and field review are the services that make us the reason we are the first called by Architects, Specification Consultants and Roof Consultants for Division 7 expertise in today’s demanding systems.

Value Added Resource

Our Commitment to our Manufacturers

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